About Us

The Details

A comfortable handle connects the carefully designed dual-tethers: one is a force-reducing bungee play cord with interchangeable toys and the other a leash constructed from durable climber’s rope. 

The Reasoning: A Man's Best Friend

We've all seen it before, homeless and abused dogs with a sad look in their eyes. This was the inspiration behind Dog PAW Leash. We want to see a smile on every dog's face and by donating a significant portion of proceeds to homeless & abused dog shelters, we are doing just that. Help us reach our goal, buy a leash, make a donation, save a dog. 

Why Dog PAW Leash?

Most all inventions come as a solution to a problem, Dog PAW Leash is no different. Problem one, not every dog is smiling. Having forever been huge animal lovers, we first and foremost wanted to create a product that would give back to the community by providing homes for abused and homeless dogs. By creating a product that people would buy, we knew that a significant portion of this company's profits would go straight to these organizations that have been graciously started to help this cause. Problem two, we saw a very consistent pattern when watching people walk their dogs - they loved to play with leashes! This led to irritated walkers and mangled leashes. Most dog enthusiasts believe that walking your dog is one of the most important ways to teach obedience. The majority of dog owners also believe that dogs should be punished for playing with their leash. Well, what if that thought could be reversed? With a Dog PAW Leash, dogs are able to play with the toys attached on their leash OR walk normally, all while remaining secured to the leash, allowing for better teaching and playing!