Dog PAW Leashes

The Dog Play and Walk (PAW) Leash improves the dog-walking and training experience - for you and your dog.

Create a balance between obedience and play


Puppy Love

Your beloved 4 legged child will experience higher levels of exercise and entertainment while walking or playing outside, making them more satisfied throughout the rest of the day. 

Happy Owner

Dog owners/walkers will be able to better train their dog using the Dog PAW Leashes, allowing for better bonding and obedience. Playing and walking with your dog all while attached to the leash made possible! 

Home For All

At Dog PAW Leash, we want to see a smile on every dog's face. By donating a significant portion of all proceeds to national homeless and abused animal organizations, we will help see every dog smiling with their family. 

Help Fund Our Project!

Click below! We would love your participation in helping us find a home for each and every dog! 

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